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Service Provided

Casting + Production

Photographer / Director

Aaron Dyer


The client: One of the largest companies providing organic ingredients for brands from Dior to soft drink companies to everything in-between. The creative brief: We needed to find local models & crew in Barcelona where the Ashland trade show was being held. The big ask: Finding someone that could translate and create 9 outfits made of fresh plants and flowers representing the ingredients the client provided and that real-life models could actually wear and walk in. Plus, we had to dress 9 mannequins with the same foliage to last the 3 days of the trade show. I found the ideal floral designer, Violetta Gladstone, a local Barcelona girl, working on all the top perfume ads out of Europe. We ended this event with a live fashion show with the models posing next to their replicated, still-fresh mannequins. 



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